«Welder» Magazine 2021 №06

In memory of B.E. Paton ...4

Memorable dates ...5

Technologies and trends in welding aluminium alloys

  • Trends in the technological development of gas-shielded arc welding processes for joining modern aluminium alloys. T.M. Labour ...6

Vacuum protected welding and related technologies

  • The role of vacuum in welding processes and related technologies. Part 2. G.I. Laschenko ...18

Repair technology

  • Repair of steam turbine blades by surfacing with high-chromium ferrite-martensitic steels. M.A. Poleshchuk, V.I. Zelenin, V.M. Teplyuk, I.V. Dotsenko, I.M. Popovich, A.G. Cantor   ...22

New items of welding equipment

  • High productive welding: up to 65 percent more productivity ...25

Equipment and technology for coating protection

  • Plasma gouging – application for wear protection coatings ...26

Repair welding technologies

  • Some scientific foundations of repair welding of machine-building products (experience of Uralmashzavod). V.I. Panov ...29

Equipment for the production

  • The GA-40 torch for oxygen-acetylene treatment of massive workpieces. V.M. Litvinov, Yu.N. Lysenko ...32


  • Analysis and management of risks at the stage of manufacturing plastic products. Yu.K. Bondarenko, Yu.V. Loginova ...34

Personnel training

  • Benardos Gold Cup – 2021...38
  • MUAC of the E.O. Paton EWI of NASU. Training programs in 2022 ...40

Intellectual property for science and industry

  • Modern forms of commercialization of scientific research results. I.V. Bernadskaya ...43

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