«Welder» Russia 2021 №05

Congratulations ...4

News of engineering and technology...5

Technologies and trends in welding aluminium alloys

  • Trends in the technological development of gas-shielded arc welding processes for joining modern aluminium alloys. T.M. Labour...6

Vacuum protected welding and related technologies

  • The role of vacuum in welding processes and related technologies. G.I. Laschenko...18

Equipment for the production

  • Semiautomatic machine for oxygen cutting of thick metal workpieces. V.M. Litvinov, A.E. Merzlyakov, S.N. Kosinov, A.A. Zadorozhny ...25

Exhibitions and conferences

  • 20-th Anniversary International exhibition of welding materials, equipment and technologies Weldex 2021...30

Memoirs about B.E. Paton

  • B.E. Paton’s strategy in the information struggle for priority. A.N. Kornienko ...33

Contribution of the E.O. Paton EWI in scientific and technological progress. In memory of the B.E. Paton

  • Welding and related technologies – for combat rocketry. Part 6. Combat missile systems of the third generation. The new strategy is driving the development of electronics. L.M. Lobanov, A.N. Kornienko ...38