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Production-technical journal "Welder" founded by the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute (PEWI) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) jointly with the enterprise "Ecotechnology" with the assistance of the NTK "PEWI" the NASU and the Society of welders of Ukraine. Publisher of the journal currently is NTK "PEWI" NASU.

The journal "Welder" - has been published since 1998, over 20 years of existence the journal has published more than 120 numbers of the journal. Today the journal "Welder" is also published in Belarus - "Welder in Belarussia" - since 2003 and in the Russian Federation - "Welder in Russia"- 2006.
The appearance of journal "Welder" was dictated by the objective needs of the market in responsive, relevant, useful and interesting information from the world of Welding and related technologies.
  • "Welder" is a production-technical journal for industrial enterprises of all industries that use welding, cutting, surfacing and other related technologies, as well as for manufacturers and customers of welding consumables and equipment.
  • "Welder" is a news of technology and production - from "PEWI", design offices, industrial enterprises, as well as from manufacturers of welding consumables and equipment.
  • "Welder" is an effective advertising of products and services.
In modern conditions it is important, on the one hand, "not to destroy to the ground" the management infrastructure of the welding production, has been developed over decades, and to reform it so that it fit into new economic relationships. This should take into account that modern welding production is characterized by the research intensity of the applied welding processes and related technologies, computerization of research and development, systems of management for welding equipment and the manufacture of welded structures.
Life moves fast. To keep up with the demands of the time, it is necessary to have maximum information. Of course, most promptly and in full it can be obtained by connecting via the Internet to the world system. At the same time the most reliable and accessible sources of information are periodicals, primarily technical journals.
It has long been need of the publication a specialized, welding journal that would be able to give the specialist the latest advances in the field of welding production, including specific recommendations.
Journal "Welder" is mass production and production-technologies publication focused on a wide range of professionals working in the field of welding production, the industrial enterprises associated with this area, as well as standardization, implementation of commercial goods and services. In this journal you will find helpful information to teachers and students of educational institutions, schools for training specialists, employees of research centers, agencies for supervision of labor protection and protection of environment, experts in various fields. The journal will be useful both for the professional and for those who independently want to learn the first skills in the field of welding, cutting, brazing, coating, obtaining permanent joints of various materials and alloys.
The journal is published 6 times a year and distributed mainly by SUBSCRIPTION. Information about where you can subscribe of the journal and subscription rates for print and electronic version of the journal is presented in a separate section of this website.
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