«TM.Weltek» Ltd.

«TM.Weltek» Ltd.Manufacture of flux-cored wires is one of the important trends in the field of welding production of Ukraine, which could in the years of independence to preserve to a great extent the positions at the market under conditions of severe competitiveness with leading foreign brands. In this aspect the great efforts were made by the enterprise TM. VELTEK, which products are well known to the customers not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, Moldavia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Turkey. At present the TM. VELTEK is the leading producer of flux-cored wires in Ukraine, which are designed for welding, surfacing and spraying. The nomenclature of wires includes above 80 grades of diameter from 1 up to 6 mm, the customers of which are enterprises of such industry branches as metallurgical, machine-building, mining and others.