«Welder» Russia 2012 №06

News of technique and technologies...6

Technologies and equipment

  • Line PLAZER ISS-75-PL for plasma dispersing of coverings on working surfaces of details of powerful locomotive and ship engines. V.N.Korzhik, M.F.Korob.8
  • Fastening blades of the turbine by tread strip by a rivet from steel 30X13 with application of local heating. S.L.Zelenskiy, V.A.Belinskiy, S.L.Vasilenko, B.A.Trembach, A.I.Korovchenko, L.N. Naumova, Yu.I.Kostyuchenko, I.A.Trembach, T.B.Zolotopupova...12
  • Review of models of EWM welding equipment. Year trends of 2012. A. Ermolin...16
  • Directions of development of the combined technologies of fusion welding. G.I. Lashchenko...18
  • Auxiliary gases for laser cutting of metals. M.A. Stepanova...22
  • Our consultations...27

Welder’s practical work

  • Preparing of details and assembling of constructions for gas-shielded welding. S.T. Rimskiy...28

Economy of welding manufacture

  • Situation in the market of the basic constructional materials and welding engineering of Japan. O.K.Makovetskaya...32

The foreign colleagues...40

Training of personnel

  • Assembly of the International institute of welding of 2012. E.P.Chvertko...42

Exhibitions and conferences

  • «Weldex/PoccBapKa 2012» represented the best progressive welding technologies ... 46

Pages of a history

  • Creation and conquest of supersteel. Part 3. The accidents of submarines stimulate development of welding and special metallurgy. A.N.Kornienko...48

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