«Welder» Russia 2017 №01

News of technique and technologies 4

Exhibitions, conferences

  • International conference «Welding: standardization and conformity assessment»  5

Technologies of friction welding

  • Welding of metals and alloys by friction. The methods of welding. G.I. Lashenko  6

Technologies of repair welding

  • Technological features of the processes of automated arc welding in the repair of large storage tanks. V.M. Ilyushenko, V.A. Polyakov, V.A. Lysenko  11

Production experience

  • Technical-economic justification for the selection  of the welding method. S.B. Chernyiy  16

Technologies of pipes welding

  • Causes of local damages of welded joints of pipelines  of NPP (nuclear power plants). O.G. Kasatkin, A.K. Tsaryuk, V.Yu. Skul’skiy,  A.R. Gavrik, S.I. Moravetskiy  22

Our consultations  26

Contribution of the E.O. Paton EWI in the scientific and technical progress

  • Apparatus for the implementation of new technologies. On the 100-th anniversary of the birth of V.E. Paton. A.N. Kornienko  30

Page of history

  • The post-war recovery of economic.  A.A. Mazur, V.I. Snezhko  34