«Welder» Magazine 2014 №01

News of technique and technologies 4

Production experience

  • Repair of the central cross support of a frame dump track CAT 785C. V.D.Pozn’akov, A.A.Gayvorovskiy, Yu.V.Demchenko, A.I.Panfilov 6
  • Gas-Flame superficial hardening. V.M.Litvinov, Yu.N.Lisenko, S. A.Chumak, S.L.Zelenskiy, V.A.Belinskiy, S.L.Vasilenko, T. B.Zolotopupova, T.V.Litvinova 10

Our consultations 16

Technologies and equipment

  • Bases of development of technology of fusion welding. 1. Ways of welding. G.I.Lashchenko 18
  • Cladding and welding equipment on the basis of modular units PARS. S.F.Truh, L.T.Plaksina 22
  • Influence of composition of shielding gas on process of MAG welding of low-alloyed and carbon steels. A. Buginov 32
  • Problems of repair welding of steel 110ri3R large thickness. V.I.Panov 36

The foreign colleagues 42

Exhibitions and conferences

  • XII the International industrial forum 44

Calendar of exhibitions on 2014 47

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