«Welder» Magazine 2014 №06

News of engineering and technologies 4

Technologies and equipment

  • Ultrasonic technologies in welding manufacture. G. I. Lashenko 6
  • Portable feeders of a wire with complex protection 10
  • Mechanization of process of wet underwater welding high-alloy corrosion-resistant chrome nickel steels such as 18-10. N. Yu. Kahovskiy 12
  • The criteria of an estimation of efficiency of the equipment for oxygen cutting of metals of the large thickness. V. M. Litvinov, Yu.Lisenko, S. A. Chumak, V.V, Kapustin, S. L. Zelenskiy, V. A. Belinskiy, S. L. Vasilenko, T. B. Zolotopupova 16
  • The modern universal process equipment for manufacture towed and hinged technique of a commercial vehicle. A. N. Motorin, Yu.V.Zuev, V. A. Doroshenko, V. D. Misyurrenko 20
  • The welding equipment ТЕМП АВТОМАСТЕР for service station and car-care centers. E. B. Yuhlov 26
  • System of economy of protection gas EWR 30

Our consultations 32

Labour protection

  • Control system of labour protection on manufacture. O. G. Levchenko 34

Training of personnel

  • The international competition of the welders «2014 Beijing «ARC Cup» International Welding Competition» 38
  • The programs of professional training on 2015 40

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