STC «Paton Welding Institute»

«Welder» Magazine 2016 №03

News of technique and technologies 4

Technologies and materials

  • Comparative estimation of impact toughness of the metal of heat affected zone (HAZ) of welded joints and model samples of low-alloy steels. V. D. Poznyakov, S. L. Zhdanov, A. A. Maksimenko 6

Technologies and equipment

  • Technology and equipment for preliminary and subsequent heating at welding surfacing of rails and other elements of the railway track V. M. Litvinov, Yu. N. Lysenko, S. A. Chumak, A. D. Khudoley, A. N. Shepilo 11

Technologies of post-weld processing

  • Technologies of post-weld processing of the metal construction by surface plastic deformation. G. I. Lashenko 14

Our consultations 22

Production experience

  • The improvement of production technology of sintering trucks at LLC «Metinvest-MRMZ». S. V. Krylov, O. V. Karaulanov, V. L. Soroka, Yu. V. Demchenko 24

Economic of welding production

The condition and tendencies of development of market of welding materials in Ukraine (at the end of 2014). S. V. Pustovoit, L. B. Lyubovnaya, V. S. Petruk, N. S. Brovchenko, A. A. Solonskiy 28

Training of personnel

  • Simulator for electric arc welding MDTS-05 M1 32
  • Competed future welders of the Pridneproviya 35

Labour protection

  • Systems of management of occupational health and safety: the specifics of implementation and operation. O. G. Levchenko, Yu. A. Polukarov 37

Exhibitions and workshops

  • New solutions and new products Fronius 2016 40

Page of history

  • From the basics of welding metallurgy to the base of electroslag metallurgy. A. P. Lutyi 45

«All for Welding». Trading series 49