«Welder» Magazine 2005 №03

News of technique and technologies...3

Industrial experience

  • Experience of application of electroslag welding technology in JSC «SMNPO named М. V. Frunze». Part I. V. V. Otrokov, М. А. Laktionov, А. А. Klimenko, Yu. V. Bondarenko, N. М. Pogulyay...4
  • Perfection of equipment and technology of cladding of hydrotransmissions details in borate slags. N. К. Bizik, V. G. Medyanik, I. А. Ryabtsev.8
  • Arc cladding by selfprotective powder wire in JSC «DMK». V. I. Titarenko, А. А. Golyakevich, L. N. Orlov, Yu. М. Gitin...10
  • Features of production of welding copper coated wire in JSC «Mezhgosmetiz-Mtsensk». V. P. Kostyuchenko, М. А. Taranets, Z. А. Degtyarenko, S. А. Shamin, V. D. Kuzyakov...12

Repair and renovation

  • Renovation of details of transport technique by method of electric arc coating. V. N. Pashchenko, E. К. Fen’...16
  • Application of electric arc metalization for anticorrosion protection of TV tower in Kiev. I. А. Dem’yanov, А. P. Murashov, Yu. S. Borisov, А. P. Grishchenko, М. P. Kondra, B. N. But, V. N. Sidorenko, А. I. Mizurov. . 19
  • Providing and confirmation of reliability of welding joints metal of nuclear power units. S. N. Kovbasenko, G. Ya. Bezlyud’ko...22
  • Our consultations ... 28

Technologies and equipment

  • Technological processes of volume thermal treatment of housing equipment by inner heating. V. А. Babkin, P. I. Lavrov, P. B. Lovarev, M. N. Trukhin, P. М. Korol’kov ... 30
  • Increasing of atmosphere resistance of carbon steels. N. G. Kukhareva, S. N. Petrovich, I. А. Basalay ... 34

Certification and quality

  • Problems of attestation of welding technology. М. А. Laktionov, V. V. Otrokov, А. А. Klimenko ... 38


  • Experience of JSC HC «Luganskteplovoz» in training of welders. А. N. Tkachenko, Т. V. Tonyan ... 42
  • Meeting of leading specialists in welding production of Ukraine. V. М. Ilyushenko ... 44
  • All-Ukrainian competition of welders. Т. Ya. Atamanyuk...45

Conferences and seminars

  • Organization of modern welding production during manufacturing, mounting and repair of equipment. Scientific-practical seminar. I. А. Ryabtsev.46
  • Increasing of exploitation reliability of systems of pipeline transport. Scientific-practical seminar. A. A. Kaydalov...47

Interstate standards...49

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