«Welder» Russia 2014 №02

News of engineering and technologies 6

Production experience

  • Repair of the central cross support of a frame dump track САТ 785С. V. D. Pozn’akov, A. A. Gayvorovskiy, Yu. V. Demchenko, A. I. Panfilov 8
  • Gas-Flame superficial hardening. V. M. Litvinov, Yu. N. Lisenko, S. A. Chumak, S. L. Zelenskiy, V. A. Belinskiy, S. L. Vasilenko, T. B. Zolotopupova, T. V. Litvinova 12

Our consultations 18

Technologies and equipment

  • Bases of development of technology of fusion welding. 1. Ways of welding. G. I. Lashchenko 20
  • The heavyweights air-ejector technics. Central filter-ventilation systems with the certificate IFA. A. A. Il’in 24
  • Features of welding of aluminium alloys by laser, microplasma and hybrid ways. V. D. Shel’agin, V. Yu. Haskin, A. M. Orishich, A. G. Malikov, A. A. Cha’ika 26
  • Technologies Lindoflamm® for preliminary heating of products before welding. A. Vasil’ev 32
  • Experience of creation and development argon-arc welding of thin-walled pipes in Russia and abroad. V. A. Vasil’ev, E. M. Donskoy, V. E. Kudryashov, V. M. Tyushevskiy 35

The foreign colleagues 40

Labour protection

  • Development of work-protection actions in welding manufacture on the basis of an estimation of risk industrial disease. O. G. Levchenko, Uy. O. Polukarov 41

Exhibitions and conferences

  • Calendar of exhibitions on 2014 46

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