«Welder» Russia 2014 №03

News of technique and technologies 6

Technologies and equipment

  • Bases of development of technology of fusion welding. 2. Receptions of welding. G. I. Lashchenko 8
  • Welding columns in automation of manufacture. A. S. Babaylov 14
  • Comparison automated plasma and oxygen cutting by machines with numerical program management low-carbonaceous and low-alloy steels of small thickness. S. L. Zelenskiy, V. A. Belinskiy, S. L. Vasilenko, A. I. Korovchenko, V. A. Ole’inik, T. B. Zolotopupova 16
  • Development of technology of repair and restoration of especially responsible details with application of laser cladding. S. V. Kandalov, V. I. Panov 19
  • Welding materials STORM — application and features. A. Yu.Melnikov, A. M. Fiveyskiy 22
  • Laser heat treatment with liquid phase surface with the purpose of increase of operational properties of the tool. V. G. Burov, A. G. Malikov, A. M. Orishich, A. G. Tyurin, A. N. Cherepanov 24
  • Technique of an estimation fatigue life multi-layer metal. I. A. R’yabtsev, I. K. Senchenkov, I. I. R’yabtsev, A. A. Babinets 28

Our consultations 32

The foreign colleagues 34

Labour protection

  • Estimation of economic making efficiency of labour protection measures in welding manufacture. O. G. Levchenko, Yu. O. Polukarov 36

Exhibitions and conferences

  • 16 International scientific-practical conference Technologies of hardening, drawing of coverings both repair: the theory and practice 38

Pages of history

  • Honourable uralmashevets. V. I. Panov 41

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