«Welder» Russia 2014 №04

News of technique and technologies 6

Production experience

  • The cutting torches of a series SR for portable and sphere gas-cutting machines. V. M. Litvinov, Yu. N. Lisenko, S. A. Chumak, S. L. Zelenskiy, V. A. Belinskiy, S. L. Vasilenko, T. B. Zolotopupova, T. V. Litvinova 8
  • Welded-pipe equipment for manufacturing pipes from copper and its alloys. V. A. Vasil’ev 14

Our consultations 16

Technologies and equipment

  • The electronic directory for development of technology contact dot welding. P. M. Rudenko, V. S. Gavrish 20
  • High-technology decision in precision orbital welding of pipes from the company DeltaSvar. A. M. Ermolin 22
  • Bases of development of technology of fusion welding. 2. Receptions of welding. G. I. Lashchenko 24
  • Impulse-plasma modifying of a working surface of the tool from high-speed steel. Yu. N. Tyurin, L. I. Markashova, O. V. Kolisnichenko, I. V. Duda, M. L. Valevich, D. G. Bogachev 30
  • Influence of a kind of a material and technology of dispersion on a structure of a plasma jet and size of its pressure on a substrate. O. G. Bikovskiy, A. N. Lapteva, A. V. Fomenko, A. V. Chechet 33
  • Welding of pig-iron products of high-duty production. From experience Uralmashzavod. V. I. Panov 36
  • Application bimetallic electrodes for contact welding machines. V. A. Anoshin, V. M. Il’ushenko 40

The foreign colleagues 42

Exhibitions and conferences

  • In searches of innovations: Welding 2014 44

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