«Welder» Russia 2016 №06

News of technique and technologies 4

Welding materials

  • Import substitution and competitiveness of the national welding electrodes Z. A. Sidlin  8

Technologies of friction welding

  • Strength of welding joints of aluminum alloys during friction stir welding A. G. Poklyatsky, A. Ya. Ishchenko, M. R. Yavorskaya  15

Technologies of repair welding

  • Features of repair welding of massive structures heavy loaded equipment V. I. Panov  18

Technologies of post welding treatment

  • The efficiency of application of low-energy technologies of post-welding treatment of the metal constructions G. I. Lashenko  22

Our consultations  26

Production experience

  • A semi-additive method and equipment for production copper foil used in the manufacture of flexible printed circuit boards V. A. Vasil’ev  30


  • Exhibitions calendar for 2017. International. Russia 33,34
  • 18-th international exhibition-congress on welding, cutting and allied technologies “SVARKA/ WELDING” 2017  35

Page of history

  • T-34 is the best tank of the ХХ-th century A. A. Mazur, V. I. Snezhko  36