«Welder» Russia 2017 №03

News of technique and technologies 4

Technologies and materials

  • The effect of high temperature heating on mechanical properties and structure of the metal of ZTV (TZI) of S355J2 and S460M steels. V.D. Poznyakov, A.V. Zavdoveev, S.L. Zhdanov  6

Technologies and equipment

  • Effectiveness of the multi-chamber detonation device for the coating. Yu.N. Tyurin, O.V. Kolisnichenko, I.M. Duda 11

Technologies of friction welding

  • Welding of metals and alloys by friction. Features of the formation of welded joint at conventional and inertial processes. G.I. Lashenko  16

Production experience

  • Coefficient of efficiency (KPD) of the gas water heaters. E.P. Shelepov  22

Training of personnel

  • Quality of welded joints in manual arc welding in dependence from the qualification of welders. V.O. Muktepavel  28

Exhibitions and conferences

  • XVIII International exhibition «Svarka/Welding 2017»: topical issues of the welding production.  30
  • International conference «Materials and technologies for the Arctic».  32

Page of history

  • Paton Bridges. A.A. Mazur, V.I. Snezhko  33
  • Creation of electric arc welding and organization of welding production. G.I. Shirshova  36