«Welder» Russia 2020 №04

News of engineering and technology ... 4

News of Company. Personnetraining ... 7

  • Gas-flame cutting and thermafixing Air-arc processes in mechanicaengineering production. V.I. Panov ... 11

Electroslag surfacing technologies

  • Obtaining bimetallic reinforcing elements by electroslag surfacing for strengthening parts of the mining and metallurgicacomplex. Yu.M. Kuskov, V.A. Zhdanov, V.N. Proskudin, A.V. Netyaga ... 14

Equipment for the production

  • Oxy-fuecutter R1SH-Sp for work in hard-to-reach places. V.M. Litvinov, Yu.N. Lysenko ... 16

Welding technology for non-metallic materials

  • Work experience of DP «GSI-Ukrneftegazstroy» in welding, gluing and lamination of pipes made of non-metallic materials. I.V. Shchudlak, V.G. Levitskiy ... 21

Our consultations ... 23

Labor protection

  • Comparative analysis of production standards for the regulation of ultraviolet radiation in force in Ukraine, RF and other countries. O.N. Goncharova, A.T. Malakhov... 25

Contribution of the E.O. Paton EWI in scientific and technologicaprogress. To the 150-th anniversary of E.O. Paton. In memory of B.E. Paton

  • Stages of a long way. Part 2. A.A. Mazur, L.B. Lyubovnaya, N.S. Onishchenko ... 29
  • Welding and related technologies – combat rocketry. First designs and improvement of welding technology. Part 1. L.M. Lobanov, A.N. Kornienko ... 34