«Welder» Russia 2021 №01

News of engineering and technology ...4

Technologies and materials

  • On the optimization of temperature fields during layer-by-layer formation critical products made of titanium-based alloys. A.S. Milenin, E.A. Velikoivanenko, G.F. Rozynka, S.S. Kozlitina, N.I. Pivtorak ... 6

Aluminum alloys for industrial welded structures

  • Foreign experience in technologies for producing aluminum alloys and welding processes for industrial fabrication of structures. T.M. Labour, O.K. Makovetskaya ... 10

Equipment for the production

  • R3-FLC cutter for manual oxygen cutting of large cast profits. V.M. Litvinov, Yu.N. Lysenko ... 29

Repair technology

  • Restoration by welding of unique basic parts industrial equipment ... 36

Heat treatment of welded joints

  • Welding and heat treatment of welded seams. I.V. Shchudlak, V.G. Levitskiy ... 38

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