«Welder» Magazine 2008 №05

News of technique and technologies...4

Industrial experience

  • Heat treatment of welding joints of a main gas pipeline on Sakhalin. P.M.Korol’kov, A.V.Barabanshchikov...6
  • Cladding of power hydraulics elements of mechanized shaft minings. L.N.Orlov, A.A.Golyakevich, L.P.Novikova...10

Our consultations... 14

Technologies and equipment

  • Effective structures of current-supply tips for semiautomatic welding machines. V.A.Lebedev, V.I.Leshchinsky, A.V.Avramenko...16
  • New electrodes with routhil coating in the market of welding materials. I.R.Yavdoshchin, P.A.Kosenko, N.A.Solovey...21
  • Laser technological complexes of the Mazak companies...22
  • Problems of butt resistance welding of tape saws, wire and rods. V.G.Chayka, B.I.Volokhatyuk, D.V. Chayka...28
  • Manual, portable and mobile machines for preparation of plate edges of structure materials. A.A.Kaydalov, F. Kolenic...36
  • About a nature of burn-through at the welding of thin-plate joints. V.Ya.Shneerson...44
  • Laser cutting — where are we today? D.A.Pyatnitsa...46

Training of personnel

  • Training to manual welding of pipes from stainless steel on a basis of the neyron model of welder's abilities. R.Yastrzhembskiy, A. Yastrzhembskiy, P. Yastrzhembskiy...50

Labor protection

  • Protective properties of soft-magnet amorphous alloys. V.A.Glyva, V.I.Klapchenko, I.N.Kovtun...55


  • Robots...58
  • Analogues of standard steel quality of leading industrial countries . . . . 61

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