STC «Paton Welding Institute»

«Welder» Magazine 2009 №01

News of technique and technologies...4

The leaders of welding manufacture

  • To 75-th anniversary of JSC «Turboatom». A. V. Vavilov, N. P. Volichenko...6
  • Our consultations...10

Technologies and equipment

  • Welding of a wire with multicore wires in butt. D. M. Kaleko, V. P. Shevchenko...13
  • Stabilization of process of pulse-arc welding of steels in conditions of change of electrode inlet. A. M. Zhernosekov, V. V. Andreev.16
  • The rectifier for high-efficiency ways of cladding. N. A. Makarenko, A. M. Kushchiy, I. E. D’yakov, N. A. Granovskaya...18
  • Dismountable gas stations manufacturing by JSC «Effect». M. M. Lil’ko, A. A. Matskevich...20
  • Automatic TIG-welding of frames of motorcycles...24
  • New welding materials...25
  • Universal small-sized welding tractor of the TS-102. V. I. Stepakhno, L. N. Kopylov, V. M. Ilyushenko...26


  • VII International industrial forum...31

The foreign colleagues ... 32

Economy of welding manufacture

  • Welding manufacture and national economy. G. I. Laschenko...34

Protection of environment

  • Modern priority in development of world navigable industry — recycling of trade ships. V. E. Krivoshchekov...42

Labor protection

  • The operative control of electromagnetic conditions on workplaces. S. A. Luk’yanenko, L. A. Levchenko, I. N. Kovtun, V. A. Glyva, G. D. Potapenko ... 46

Certification and quality

  • The manufacturers of welding materials having the certificate of conformity in system UkrSEPRO given by NTC «SEPROZ» (on 01.01.2009)... 48
  • The sculptor Aleksandr Skoblikov. V. G. Fartushnyy...52
  • Calendar of exhibitions on 2009...53

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