«Welder» Magazine 2011 №05

News of technique and technologies...4

Production experience

  • Restoration of serviceability of pig-iron covers of reducers CZN-710 of car dumper such as ВРС. Yu. V. Demchenko, A.M. Denisenko...6
  • Gas-air torch of local heating with the given parameters. V.M. Litvinov, Yu.N.Lisenko, S.A.Chumak, S.L.Zelenskiy, V.A.Belinskiy, S.L. Vasilenko, A.P.Gridasov, L.N.Naumova, T.V.Litvinova, T.B.Zolotopupova...8

Our consultations... 13

Technologies and equipment

  • Tendencies of development of technologies of welding production. G.I. Lashchenko...16
  • Electroslag cladding by electrode tapes. I.A. Ryabtsev...22
  • Laser welding of lap joints of low-alloy steels by seams with full penetration. V.Yu.Khaskin...24
  • Industrial application of hardening treatment of details of machines and mechanisms by a method of ion nitriding. M. N.Bosyakov, D.V.Shzuk, O.I.Nazarova, I.L.Pobol’...28
  • Laser alloying of steel. V.P.Biryukov...34
  • Production of working parts of dividing stamps with application of cladding and laser processing. L.E.Afanas’eva, V.P.Vodop’yanova, N. S.Zubkov, A.Yu.Lavrent’ev...36

The foreign colleagues ... 40

Labour protection

  • Application of the multifunctional integrated systems of complex safety and their making in control systems of labour protection. I.I.Kashtanov.. . 44

Training of personnel

  • VIII International competition of the welders in Ukraine. A.A. Kaydalov ... 48

Pages of a history

  • Difficult way of easy metal in rocket. Arc welding. Part 1. A.N.Kornienko...50

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