«Welder» Magazine 2012 №06

News of technique and technologies...4

Technologies and equipment

  • Technologies PLAZER® in engineering of a surface and plasma processing of materials. V.N.Korzhik, M.F.Korob...6
  • Nickelless and chrome-manganese electrodes for welding and cladding high-strength and diverse steels. V.M.Kulik, E.L.Demchenko, D.V.Vasil’ev, V.P.Elagin...10
  • Manual and machine cutting torches with quickly-replace monoblock mouthpieces for cutting of preparations by thickness up to 500 mm. V.M.Litvinov, Yu.Lisenko, S.A.Chumak, K.P.Shapovalov, S.L.Zelenskiy, V.A.Belinskiy, S.L.Vasilenko, A.I.Korovchenko...12
  • Increase of the operational characteristics rolls hot mill by superficial plasma training. A.V.Mezentsev, A.A.Berdnikov, D.V.Beznoskov...16
  • Rent of the equipment Fronius: welding systems premium class for construction of main pipelines. D.V.Boyko, O.N.Kul’chitskiy...18
  • The concept of modular flexible industrial systems of arc welding. V.V.Ishutkin...20
  • Directions of development of the combined technologies of fusion welding. G.I.Lashchenko...26

Our consultations...32

The foreign colleagues...34

Training of personnel

  • The first regional competition of the welders in Dnepropetrovsk. A.A.Kaydalov, A.N.Vorob’ev...36
  • The programs of professional training on 2013 of Training Center of E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute...37

Exhibitions and conferences

  • «Weldex/PocCbapka2012» has presented the most progressive welding technologies ... 40
  • Scientific and technical conference «Modern problems of metallurgy, technologies of welding and cladding steels and colour metals». V.M.Ilyushenko, I.A.Ryabtsev...42
  • 6th scientific and technical conference «Modernization and reequipment of the enterprises. Effective technologies at manufacturing, repair and restoration of details» ...45
  • III International conference of the welders of Europe and III Coordination advice of the managers by faculties on a direction «Welding» in Kramatorsk. K.P.Shapovalov, N.A.Makarenko, A.D.Koshevoy, D.A.Volkov...46

Pages of a history

Creation and conquest of supersteel. Part 4. Metallurgical scientists and welders decide problems of production pair. A.N.Kornienko...50

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