«Welder» Magazine 2013 №04

News of technique and technologies 4

Technologies and equipment

  • Bases of development of technology of fusion welding. 1. Ways of welding. G.I.Lashchenko 6
  • Influence of pressure of protective gas in a zone of a welding bath at laser welding steels. V.Yu.Haskin, V.D.Shelyagin, V.F.Shulim, E.G.Ternovoy, A.V. Bernatskiy, O.V.Dolyanovskaya 10
  • Electroslag technologies cladding and moulding of details of machines and mechanisms. S.Yu.Pasechnik, A.Yu. Pasechnik, V.P.Stoyko 14
  • Cracks in massive metal constructions, arising after edge machining. V.I.Panov 18
  • Expansion of sphere of application of welding process CMT 24
  • Air-gas burner for memorial complexes. V.M.Litvinov, Yu.N.Lisenko, S.A.Chumak, S.L.Zelenskiy, V.A.Belinskiy, S.L.Vasilenko 26

Our consultations 28

The foreign colleagues 32

Labour protection

  • Industrial noise. Part 3. O.G.Levchenko, V.A.Kuleshov 34

Training of personnel

  • Approbation and introduction of state standard DSPTO 7219:2011 «Welder» in GPTUZ «Kramatorskiy centre of vocational training». S.L.Zelenskiy, V.V.Tsel'nik, V.A.Belinskiy, S.L.Vasilenko, E.A.Sherbakova, S.A.Starov 40

Exhibitions and conferences

  • V International exhibition «Welding. Cutting. Cladding 2013» (Russia Essen Welding&Cutting 2013) 44

Pages of a history

  • Art castings of Uralmash. V.A. Panov 46

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