«Welder» Magazine 2015 №01

News of technique and technologies 4

Technologies and equipment

  • Ultrasonic technologies in welding manufacture. G. I. Lashenko 6
  • The complex-automated line on manufacturing side-frame of frames of electric locomotives. A. M. Motorin, V. A. Doroshenko, Yu. A. Erdman, S. I. Ogrizko 11
  • Compact, reliable and powerful. The new welding torch PullMig from Fronius 14
  • Technique of definition of quantitative parameters, describing weld-technological property of a wire at the mechanized welding in protective gases. S. T. Rimskiy, V. I. Galinich, R. N. Shevchuk 16
  • Gas-oxygen burners of the torch for heating at welding and for thermal editing heavy metal constructions. V. M. Litvinov, Yu.Lisenko, S. A. Chumak, V.V, Kapustin, T. V. Litvinova, S. L. Zelenskiy, V. A. Belinskiy, S. L. Vasilenko, T. B. Zolotopupova 23
  • The mechanized MIG-welding of an aluminium alloy AMг5 large thickness. K. P. Shapovalov , A. E. Merzl’akov, V. Ya. Gerashenko, A. V. Trofimov 28
  • Industrial robots in the market of means automation of manufacture. O. K. Makovetskaya 30

Our consultations 34

Labour protection

  • Control system of labour protection on manufacture. O. G. Levchenko 36

Certification and quality

  • The manufacturers of welding materials having the certificate of conformity in system UkrSEPRO, given by NTC «SEPROZ» (on 01.11.2014) 40

Exhibitions and conferences

  • XIII The International Industrial Forum 44
  • Calendar of exhibitions on 2015 46