«Welder» Magazine 2015 №2

News of technique and technologies 4

Production experience

  • Experience of application high-frequency mechanical maeliting of frames and units of carriages of carriages. V. I. Prihod’ko, N. V. Visokolyan, S. G. Kalantirya 6
  • Oxygen cutting large-sized metal breakage from high-alloy steel and pig-iron. V. M. Litvinov, Yu. Lisenko, S. A. Chumak, V. V. Kapustin, S. L. Vasilenko 9

Our advices 14

Technologies and equipment

  • TPS 600i — new powerful source in a ruler Fronius TPS/I 18
  • Welding electrodes for responsible structures 19
  • Ultrasonic technologies in welding manufacture. G. I. Lashenko 21
  • Laser heat treatment with liquid phase surface with the purpose of increase of operational properties of the tool. V. G. Burov, A. G. Malikov, A. M. Orishich, A. G. Tyurin, A. N. Cherepanov 27
  • Development of technology of repair and restoration of especially responsible details with application of a method laser cladding. S. V. Kandalov, V. I. Panov 30
  • The welding device for automatic arc welding under flux of ring rotary joints in deep splicing of edges A1569M and A1569M1. V. S. Romanyuk , S. I. Velikiy, A. V. Semenenko, A. K. Polishchuk, M. I. Dubovoy 33

The foreign colleagues 36

Labour protection

  • Functions of management of labour protection on manufacture. O. G. Levchenko 37

Exhibitions and conferences

  • Calendar of exhibitions on 2015 42