«Welder» Magazine 2016 №04

News of technique and technologies 4

Technologies and materials

  • Comparison of welding-technological properties of wire Sv08Х20Н9Г7Т with its foreign analogues. V. D. Poznyakov, A. A. Gayvoronskiy, V. A. Klapatyuk, A. M. Denisenko 6

Technologies and equipment

  • Analysis and prospects of use of modern technologies for the manufacture of shell boilers of railway tank wagons. V. A. Royanov, P. V. Korostashevskiy, I. V. Zakharov 9

Technologies of post welding treatment

  • Laser and shock-laser post welding treatment of the metal constructions. G. I. Lashenko 13

Our consultations 16

Technologies of repair welding

  • The development of the concept of «Weldability» in relation to the repair welding the basic construction of heavily loaded equipment. V. I. Pannov, S. V. Kandalov 18

Economic of welding production

  • The introduction of scientific innovations through technological parks and small enterprise. S. V. Pustovoit, L. B. Lyubovnaya, N. S. Brovchenko, V. S. Petruk, A. A. Solonskiy 22
  • Gas MAF — reliable step forward! 28

Training of personnel

  • Simulator welder for electric arc welding TSDS 06M 29
  • The international competition of welders «2016 (4th) Beijing «Arc Cup» International Welding Competition» 32

Labour protection

  • System of management of occupational health and safety: investigation of incidents and audit. O. G. Levchenko, Yu. A. Polukarov 33

Exhibitions and conferences

  • The 21-st session of the Scientific Council on new materials at Committee on natural sciences MAAN. I. A. Ryabtsev 36, 44


  • LLC «Fronius Ukraine» — 25 years in Ukraine! 39

Page of history

  • The E. O. Paton Electric Welding Institute and state planning the development of welding science, technology and production. The beginning of the path. A. A. Mazur, V. I. Snezhko 45

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