«Welder» Magazine 2017 №01

News of technique and technologies 5

Technologies of friction welding

  • Welding of metals and alloys by friction. The methods of welding. G.I. Lashenko  6

Production experience

  • Cast iron products after rehabilitation works are operated for a long period of time. V.I. Panov  11
  • Technical-economic justification for the selection of the welding method. Experience of the Kiev shipbuilding and ship-repair factory and the plant “Leninskaya Kuznetsa”  in the building of ship hull’s construction. S.B. Chernyiy  16

Our consultations  22

Economic of welding production

  • Risks of innovative projects, their prevention and compensation. A.A. Mazur, L.B. Lyubovnaya, L.N. Ponafidenko, N.S. Brovchenko  26


  • Technological management of quality and operational features of the products in the welding industry. A.G. Potap’evsciy, Yu.K. Bondarenko, Yu.V. Loginova, K.O. Artyukh  29

Means of protection of welders

  • Protective clothing for the welder. A. Cherychka  34

Contribution of the E.O. Paton EWI in the scientific and technical progress

  • Electrodes and flux-cored wire for welding of newest constructions. On the 90-th anniversary of I.K. Pochodni. A.P. Litvinov  37


  • XV International industrial forum  41
  • Calendar of exhibitions on 2017  43

Page of history

  • The post-war recovery of economic. A.A. Mazur, V.I. Snezhko  45

«All for Welding». Trading series 50