«Welder» Magazine 2019 №03

News of technique and technologies... 4

Contribution departments of E.O. Paton EWI in scientific and technological progress. On the 85-th anniversary of E.O. Paton EWI

  • Research of physical and chemical processes of arc fusion welding. Development of welding materials. V.V. Golovko... 6

Technologies of repair surfacing

  • Multilayer surfaced samples for the experimental evaluation of the fatigue life of surfaced parts. I.A. Ryabtsev, V.V. Knysh, A.A. Babinets, S.A. Solovey, I.I. Ryabtsev, I.K. Senchenkov... 13

Technologies of repair welding

  • Structural scheme of repair welding. V.l. Panov, S. V. Kandalov... 18

Equipment for the production

  • Repair of manual torches and cutters. V.M. Litvinov, Yu.N. Lysenko, S.A. Chumak... 21

Technologies of electroslag welding

  • Electroslag welding of the body of the traction motor case blank at PJSC NPO “Dnepropress”. N. Lankin, Yu.V. Demchenko, A.A. Moskalenko, V.G. Tyukalov, S.A. Tonkoshkur, V.N. Panibratets... 28

Our consultations... 30

Welding materials

  • Electrodes Hyundai Welding S-7016.O - suitable for pipe welding... 33

New welding equipment

  • Fronius expands its TPS/i welding system using the new Steel Edition series... 34

Personnel training

  • The experience of cooperation between specialists of the Kryukovsky railway car building plant and the Higher vocational school № 7 of Kremenchug. A.A. Petrov, N. V. Vysokolyan, N.G. Nesen, P.P. Protsenko... 37
  • International competition of welders “Gold Cup Linde 2019”... 40


  • Calendar of exhibitions for the II half of 2019... 43
  • The 9-th specialized exhibition «Metal. Equipment. Tool». R. Dzubik... 44

«All for Welding». Trading series 46