«Welder» Magazine 2020 №01

To the 150-th birth Anniversary of E.O. Paton

  • E.O. Paton – 150-th birth Anniversary ...4

Repair technologies in ship repair production

  • Illichivsk shipyard (PJSC «ISRZ»): history of creation, achievement, production nomenclature, technological solutions of the welding bureau. C.M. Khachik, V.G. Levitskiy, O.V. Ignatenkov ...6

Equipment for the production

  • RGKM-500 cutter for figured cutting of parts from flat blanks up to 500 mm thick. V.M. Litvinov, Yu.N. Lysenko, S.A. Chumak ...10

Technologies and materials for heat treatment

  • Energy-efficient materials in the linings of furnaces for heat treatment: problems of choice. D.V. Chaika ...16

Thermal cutting and fixing. History of gas-flame treatment

  • The history of the creation of safety and labor protection during heating, thermal cutting and fixing. V.I. Panov ...19


  • The influence of risk sources on the technical safety of welded structures during operation. Yu.K. Bondarenko, O.V. Kovalchuk, K.O. Artyukh ...23

Labor protection and standardization

  • Modern security requirements for control systems machines and mechanisms. O.G. Levchenko, S.F. Kashtanov ...28

New welding equipment

  • xFUME VAC: active health protection with advanced welding fume extraction technology ...33
  • ArcValidator - universal solution for testing welding equipment ...36


  • XVIII International industrial forum – 2019 ...41

Personnel training

  • «Golden Cup of Benardos - 2019»: the results of the ХІІI competition of welders of Ukraine ...45

Pages of history of the E.O. Paton EWI. To the 150-th birth Anniversary of E.O. Paton

  • Evgeniy Oskarovich Paton is an outstanding scientist in the field of bridge construction and welding, the founder of the Institute of Electric Welding. A.N. Kornienko ...47
  • Dynasty of responsibility. S.E. Semenov ...51

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