«Welder» Magazine 2020 №02

News of technique and technologies ... 4

Technologies of arc welding

  • Use of chemical sources of thermal energy to increase the efficiency of arc welding. G.I. Lashchenko ... 6

Technologies for welding and operation of pipelines

  • Prediction of structural transformations during primary crystallization of metal in the field of ring welds of pipelines made of chromium-nickel alloys. A.S. Milenin, S.S. Kozlitina, L.I. Dzyubak... 10

Technologies and equipment

  • Control systems for installations for arc welding with a consumable electrode in shielding gases. A. Khalikov, A.M. Zhernosekov A.F. Shatan ... 16

Repair technologies in ship repair production

  • Illichivsk shipyard: technological solutions of the welding bureau during the repair of cast iron products. M. Khachik, V.G. Levitskiy, O.V. Ignatenkov ... 21

Equipment for the production

  • RGKM-800 cutter for oxygen cutting of metal workpieces up to 800 mm thick. V.M. Litvinov, Yu.N. Lysenko, S.A. Chumak ... 24

Labor protection and standardization

  • Modern security requirements for control systems machines and mechanisms. O.G. Levchenko, S.F. Kashtanov ... 28

Our consultations ... 32, 37

Welding equipment for ship repair and shipbuilding

  • Modified welding arc - a tool for achieving high quality and productivity ... 33

Personnel training

  • Integration of vocational and higher education in the educational and scientific complex. P. Boyko, N.I. Vazhkiy, S.V. Pustovoit ... 38

Intellectual property for science and industry

  • Types of intellectual property and their legal regime. I.V. Bernadskaya, T.S. Petrova... 40

Pages of history of the E.O. Paton EWI. To the 150-th anniversary of E.O. Paton. To the 75-th anniversary of the Victory

  • Stages of a long way. A. Mazur, N.S. Onishchenko ... 49

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