«Welder» Magazine 2020 №03

Congratulations ... 4

News of technique and technologies ... 5

Technologies and equipment for nuclear power plants

  • Improvement of automatic orbital welding of pipe elements of spirals of high-pressure heaters of nuclear power plants. L.M. Lobanov, N.M. Makhlin, V.E. Popov, V.E. Vodolazskiy, V.Yu. Buryak, D.S. Oliyanenko, S.I. Lavrov, A.V. Kovalyuk, A.A. Kirilenko ... 6

Technologies of friction welding with stirring

  • Friction welding with stirring of an aluminum alloy 6082 in an aqueous medium. P.A. Vasiliev, M.A. Shvedov, V.S. Grigoryev, I.A. Malov ... 14

Repair technologies in ship repair production

  • Illichivsk Shipyard: technological solutions of the welding bureau during the repair of aluminum and aluminum alloy products. S.M. Khachik, V.G. Levitskiy, O.V. Ignatenkov... 16

Equipment and methods for microstructure analysis of deposited metal

  • Methods of digitizing and analyzing images of the deposited metal microstructure obtained using modernized optical microscopes. A.A. Babinets, I.A. Ryabtsev, I.P. Lentiugov ... 18

Gas-flame cutting and thermal fixing

  • Oxy-fuel cutting of large thickness steels (experience of Uralmashzavod). Features of cutting metal of large thickness (part 1). V.I. Panov, C.V. Kandalov ... 22

Equipment for the production

  • RGKM-1600 cutter for oxygen cutting of metal workpieces up to 1600 mm thick. V.M. Litvinov, Yu.N. Lysenko, S.A. Chumak ... 27

New welding equipment

  • Vizor Connect welder’s safety helmet is an intelligent professional protection tool that provides maximum comfort when working ... 33
  • Kemppi’s MasterTig and Flexlite TX winners of the Red Dot Product Design Award 2020 in the nomination «Industrial Design» ... 34
  • Reconditioning of plain bearings using the electric arc method metallization. S.V. Krylov, A.N. Shalashniy, S.B. Verchenko ... 35
  • Welding at home and in the country house... 36

Intellectual property for science and industry

  • Features of the preparation, filing and consideration of an application for an invention (utility model). I.V. Bernadskaya, T.S. Petrova ... 38

Personnel training

  • Work safety culture of the future welder ... 50

Pages of history of the E.O. Paton EWI. To the 150-th anniversary of E.O. Paton. To the 75-th anniversary of the Victory

  • Evgeniy Oskarovich Paton is an outstanding scientist in the field of bridge construction and welding, the founder of the Institute of Electric Welding (part 2). A.N. Kornienko ... 52

Exhibitions ... 57

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