«Welder» Russia 2013 №02

News of technique and technologies 6

Production experience

  • Experience of effective hardening of details exposed abrasive wear process. A.A.Gavrilov 8

Technologies and equipment

  • Technological opportunities of the two-arc combined welding «plasma+ MAG». V.M.Il’ushenko, A.V.Ganchuk, A.N.Slobod'an, D.N.Stepchenko 10
  • The new design of the plant for TIG-welding of longitudinal joints of ferrules 15
  • Rated cutability of steels which used in machine-building constructions. V.I. Panov 16
  • Bases of development of technology of fusion welding. 1. Ways of welding. G.I.Lashchenko 21
  • Plants for heating large-sized details and welded metal constructions. V.M.Litvinov, Yu.N.Lisenko, S.A.Chumak, S.L.Zelenskiy, V.A.Belinskiy, S.L.Vasilenko, A.I.Korovchenko, T.B.Zolotopupova 24
  • Technology of repair of chisel platforms with the help of welding — analysis of use of finite element methods (FEM). Z. Mirski, P.Krasnodebski 28
  • Highly efficient welding systems on basis of plasma processes. A.M. Yermolin 34

Our consultations 36

The foreign colleagues 37

Economy of welding manufacture

  • Robotization of advanced industrial manufacture. O.K.Makovetskaya 40

Training of personnel

  • Certification of the personnel and... the false diploma IWE. E.P.Chvertko 48
  • X International competition of the welders «Gold cup of Benardos» 51

Pages of a history

  • The history of welding production of Uralmash. V.I. Panov 52

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