«Welder» Russia 2020 №03

News of technique and technologies ...4

Technologies and equipment for nuclear power plants

  • Improvement of automatic orbital welding of pipe elements of spirals of high-pressure heaters of nuclear power plants. L.M. Lobanov, N.M. Makhlin, V.E. Popov, V.E. Vodolazskiy, V.Yu. Buryak, D.S. Oliyanenko, S.I. Lavrov, A.V. Kovalyuk, A.A. Kirilenko ...6

Technologies for repair electroslag surfacing

  • Restoration of worn lugs of tracks of caterpillar machines by electroslag surfacing. S.M. Kozulin, I.I. Lychko, A.A. Fomakin, I.V. Nesina, G.S. Podyma ...14

Technologies and materials for plasma-powder surfacing

  • An economically alloyed powder based on iron and nickel for plasma surfacing of oil and gas fittings, which is operated in a corrosive environment. I.A. Ryabtsev, E.F. Perepletchikov, M.A. Homa, V.A. Vinar ...18

Equipment and methods for microstructure analysis of deposited metal

  • Methods of digitizing and analyzing images of the deposited metal microstructure obtained using modernized optical microscopes. A.A. Babinets, I.A. Ryabtsev, I.P. Lentiugov ...22

Gas-flame cutting and thermal fixing

  • Oxy-fuel cutting of large thickness steels (experience of Uralmashzavod). Features of cutting metal of large thickness (part 1). V.I. Panov, C.V. Kandalov ...26

Equipment for the production

  • RGKM-1600 cutter for oxygen cutting of metal workpieces up to 1600 mm thick. V.M. Litvinov, Yu.N. Lysenko, S.A. Chumak ...31

Repair technologies in ship repair production

Illichivsk Shipyard: technological solutions of the welding bureau during the repair of parts and assemblies made of copper and copper alloys. V.K. Pustomelnik, C.M. Khachik, V.G. Levitskiy, O.V. Ignatenkov ...37