«Welder» Magazine 2015 №05

News of technique and technologies 5

Technologies and equipment

  • Electron-beam technologies in welding production G. I. Lashenko 6
  • Condenser contact arc welding of dissimilar metals. D. M. Kaleko 10
  • Smart clips for contact butt machines «Chaika» for welding of tapes and rods. D. V. Chaika, V. G. Chaika, B. I. Volochatiuk, A. I. Sitko, S. P. Krushnevich, A. A. Chatayan 13

Technologies and materials

  • Welding of heat-resistant plastics. Welding by heated tool. M. V. Iurzhenko, N. G. Korab, V. Yu. Kondratenko, A. N. Galischun, V. V. Anistratenko M. G. Mengeres 16
  • Protective coverings from the powder of Al2O3 on titanium products. Yu. N. Tyurin, O. V. Kolisnichenko, I. M. Duda, N. Ya. Vasilik, M. G. Kovaleva, M. C. Prozorova, M. Yu. Arseenko 19

Production experience

  • Capital repair and modernization of two gas cutting stationary machines and creating the cutting area of a major scrap in the charge at PJSC «Energomashspetsstal». V. M. Litvinov, Yu.N. Lysenko, S. A. Chumak, V. V. Kapustin, N. P. Beskrovny, A. A. Gorshkov, M. Yu. Shub 24
  • Our consultations 30

Robotization of welding production

  • Robotization of welding processes: TPS/I Robotics. New solutions from Fronius: seminar 32
  • The reasons of deterrence robotization of industrial enterprises in Ukraine. A. N. Motorin, V. A. Doroshenko 33

Labour protection

  • The procedure for accidents investigation of commission of the company. O. G. Levchenko 41

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