«Welder» Magazine 2013 №05

News of technique and technologies 4

Production experience

  • The features dividing oxygen cutting of columns forging press by effort 10000 t at their dismantle with application of a new cutting torch P3-0ni4-Hfl. V.M.Litvinov, Yu.N.Lisenko, S.A.Chumak, N. I.Vasilenko, S.L.Zeienskiy, V.A.Beiinskiy, S.L.Vasilenko 6
  • The adaptation for a clipping internal radius facets. S.L.Zeienskiy, V.A.Beiinskiy, S.L.Vasilenko, V.A.Oleynik, Yu.Kostyuchenko, T.B.Zolotopupova 8

Actual theme

  • Problems organization of welding works at the industrial plant. Yu.V.Butenko 10

Our consultations 12

Technologies and equipment

  • Bases of development of technology of fusion welding. 1. Ways of welding. G.I.Lashchenko 16
  • Technology of reception of diffusion carbide coverings from hotmelt. Yu.S.Borisov, N.I.Kaporik, O.F.Chernyakov, A.V.Kisak, I.I.Korsak . .. . 20
  • Automatic welding of assembly joints of zone columns of a trunk of a tower of the Kiev telecentre. V.M.I’yushenko, L.N.Kopilov 25
  • Works of E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute in the field of condenser welding of metals. D.M.Kaleko 28
  • Cracks in massive metal constructions, arising after processing by the abrasive tool. V.I.Panov 34
  • Robotization — basis of modern manufacture. Quality. Efficiency. Success. E.G.Krasnosel'skaya 38

The foreign colleagues 42

Labour protection

  • The order of passage of a hygienic estimation of welding materials. O. G. Levchenko 44

Training of personnel

  • X the International competition of the welders «Gold cup of Benardos». A.A.Kaydalov, A.N.Vorob’ov 48

Pages of a history

  • The outstanding physics-theorist A.Yu.Ishlinskiy. To 100-year from birthday. A.N.Kornienko 50

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